ACE Wizard for Facility Management Firms

The data collected by an ACE Wizard AC Inspection directly relates to helping FM Firms meet and exceed their contract obligations to;

  • Reduce Clients Energy Consumption
  • Target investment for PPM programs
  • Provide the highest level of service compared to the competition
  • View reports from multiple sites and multiple clients in one place

At ACE Wizard Ltd our fundamental goal was to provide an energy report system for air conditioning inspections which delivered valuable energy data of all A/C system installed across a company's facility portfolio.

Working with Facility Management (FM) firms and the end client / report recipient, they told us the business challenges they face today are;

  • Regulatory requirements (EPBD, ISO, ESOS and similar legislation)
  • Board level commitment to carbon reduction programmes
  • Increasing business cost through year on year energy price increases
ACE Report SA RECS 2
ACE Wizard Air Conditioning Client PDF Report

To help address these business challenges Facility and Energy Managers tell us they are required to;

  • Coordinate inspections for all business premises every 5 years on HVAC systems (TM44 Assessments)
  • implement energy reduction targets to offset whole sale energy price rises
  • Maintain A/C system information from A/C asset records which are often inaccurate or do not exist for buildings / facilities
  • Identify on-going areas of remedial work & energy efficiency improvements for targeted investment to achieve Carbon footprint reduction commitments
  • Ensure regulatory changes (such as R22 replacement and F-Gas leak testing) is applied to A/C systems across diverse & dispersed facilities
  • Reduce ongoing energy consumption to meet contract objectives for Facility Management firm's clients

ACE Wizard already has a proven track record in assisting businesses to reduce energy consumption as part of the TM44 compliance certification when combined with the use of ACE Wizard Report & Management Portal. This can be achieved on a full range of buildings from the smallest coffee shop to the largest hospital across multi–portfolio clients or single sites.

ACE Wizard System Provides;

  • A projection of the operating costs for each individual system and the whole site
  • A projection of potential cost savings gained from implementing each recommendation
  • Energy label and EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) table. For each system
  • F-gas and refrigerant captured
  • Occupancy hours versus time schedule wastage projection
  • Standard of maintenance overview and impact on costs
  • AHU efficiency / SFP (Specific Fan Power)
  • Ability to manage multi-site & multi-client facility portfolios
  • F-Gas log Book & Built in asset list of HVAC systems
  • Report on inefficient systems for targeted investment to further reduce energy consumption
  • Company specific interface with security layer to control user access
  • TM44 inspection record book
  • Client adjustments for greater accuracy of potential cost impact and energy savings
  • Ability to review captured data across multiple facilities and multiple clients
ACE Web EER Report
Portal Data Reporting by System Energy Rating