October updates for ACE Wizard now live!

AHU Section updates for ACE Wizard going live Wednesday 18th after 8pm

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to improve the information ACE Wizard provides as standard when assessing AHUs & HRUs through ACE Wizard for TM44 Inspections. We are pleased to let you know this work is now complete and the update will go live on the 18th of October.

The update includes;

  • HRU database to speed data entry
  • Improved AHU sizing calculations
  • Includes the Non-Domestic Building Compliance guides for 2013 buildings
  • Provides more detailed summary of calculations and measurements passing in to approved lodgement software
  • More informative AHU data tables for improved client information

A training video has been created which includes;

  • How assessors add AHU systems to a project
  • Using the new HRU database
  • How the AHU & SFP data tables appear in the ACE Wizard client report and how the entered data is displayed
  • The changes to the AHU Inspection fields
  • How the data is seen in the approved lodgement software


Impact to Existing Projects

The following applies to Level 4 reports only and only when a client clicks the “View Report” button in Ace to review the on-line ACE TM44 Advanced report, it will not change and ACE Wizard Report PDFs of a project that have already been created and stored attachment tab of a project.

As three new data fields are displayed in the AHU & SFP data tables in the ACE TM44 Advanced report the missing AHU data on existing projects will state “Not Specified” in the relevant field in Table 14. (see image)

We advise assessors working on “Open” projects to complete the missing data on the AHU systems in the project.

Inspection Field Templates

AHU21 – The core data answered in this Inspection question will now be entered in to Evolve automatically without the need to answer the question in the AHU Inspection fields. When loading an old AHU Inspection template in ACE the AHU21 question will not be seen.

AHU21a & AHU21b – These are new questions in the AHU Inspection fields in ACE and allow the assessor to answer more detail in relation to the systems energy conservation facilities which was previously covered solely in the AHU21 question. When loading an existing AHU Inspection template, the default answers for AHU21a & 21b will be displayed to the assessor.

AHU12 – The question will now be shown on the AHU Inspection Field form and requires the assessor to select a yes or no option and allows the assessor to state where / how the flow rates were established, this fills in to Evolve on the “Are air flow rates and system pressure available from commissioning data”.

Since April we have being delivering updates to ACE once a month, we are going to be a bit quiet over the next few months though as we are now embarking on improvements focused on adding value to the end client which will see us in to April 2018. Please do keep your improvement ideas coming in as we always welcome feedback from you, we will always were sensible role out any quick improvements ahead of any major releases.