September updates for ACE Wizard now live!

This is the last set of general improvements before we turn our attention to updating and improving the AHU section in ACE Wizard.

The follow improvements have been made to ACE Wizard, these are the main changes to benefit assessors.

System Totals Quick Access – We know as assessors you like to provide clear information as part of your executive summary to help highlight areas of improvements the client needs to consider. To assist you we’ve provided a new filter on the AC Unit page. This filter will enable you to quickly establish many “System Totals” from Refrigerant Weight to Energy Input on a group of systems based on your filter search criteria. This feature enables totals to be generated from search criteria such as “All Comfort Cooling”, “All Process Cooling” or by “Refrigerant Type” right down to individual systems. This “total” display will also be provided to the end user in the coming months. But for now, we hope you find the data useful when writing your executive summaries. NOTE: The list of cooling plants displayed will be linked to your filter criteria, to display, to reset the display to “All Systems” press “Clear”

System Condition – One early improvement suggestion was to extend the system condition options which can be seen by the client. As inspected systems selection of Good, Reasonable, Ageing and Poor offered little value to the end client when seen in the Asset list. Assessors can now select an optional secondary comment such as “Clean, Poor Pipe insulation, Dust on Coil etc. which will appear on the asset list for the client alongside the “Good, Reasonable etc. comment. This is an optional comment and is not required to produce a compliance report however it does provide more value to the end client as an overview of the general condition of systems on site.

System Condition (Bug fix) – We’ve fixed the bug on the system condition box so all options now answer the evolve question “Is the general condition of refrigeration and associated general plant in good order?” “No” is ticked for Ageing, Unable to Access, Awaiting Repair, Awaiting Decommission & Decommissioned. “Yes” is ticked for Good, Reasonable & Not Yet commissioned.

Status Update – As the end client can only see a report which is set to the status of “Draft” or “Closed” we’ve added a simply step to remind you to change the project status on export as well as when you link a PDF. This currently only works with the manual export routine and will be added to the ACE importer later.

Energy Input (Table 2) – The kWhs per week column on the Operational Cost table has been replaced with Energy Input kW, displaying the “Energy Input kW” helps the client to see how the estimated costs have been reached.

Not in Service (Recommendations) – All systems are now excluded from the recommendation if set to “Not in service” or “Standby (chillers)”

Where systems are not fitted with Inverter - Text to Evolve for the evolve question “Assess the refrigeration compressors and method of capacity control”. The default text in the inspection field library has been simplified , in addition the system Input Power, EER and Energy Label will be inserted in front of the text going in to evolve. For example “Assess the refrigeration compressors and method of capacity control.” System Input Power = 2.5kW, System EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) = 2.9, Energy Label = C. The system has a fixed speed compressor and therefore operates at full power whenever cooling is demanded. Not only will this result in increased energy consumption compared to an inverter driven system but may mean that the compressor will have to stop & start more frequently to maintain the desired internal space temperature. When considering a replacement in the future ensure that any equipment considered is installed with inverter technology.

Room Sizing – Bug fixed multiple pages now included in totals